ARC Christmas Show & Tell ’17

The Aber Robotics Club held our annual Christmas Show and Tell. I’m very proud of how all of the students in the intermediate group have gotten with their own projects!

Pumpkin Hack ’17

Another amazing Pumpkin Hack!




British Science Week 2017

As always, British Science Week was incredible at Aber! The Sports Cage was filled to the rafters with all kinds of science exhibits, things to learn and try.

Here are a some of the things I was involved with:




I even got filmed for social media (eek!):

Bilingually (double eek!!):

Aber Robotics Club Show & Tell

It’s the end of the year, and another wonderful show and tell session for ARC. They even let Matt Gunn and I give a talk on our little ExoMars rover!

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Introducing Project Rover

This plucky little rover is a personal project I’m working on with Matt Gunn. There’s still lots to do, it’s proving to be great fun!

Modelled on the ESA/Roscosmos/UKSA ExoMars rover due to launch in 2020 and land on Mars in 2021, we are making the rover partly to help us understand the general structure of the real rover, and partly as a fun project. It’s built to be approximately 1/5th scale, and has some general simplifications (e.g. fixed wheels).

The rover has been mostly laser cut from plywood. Some of the cut sections have been glued together to form the bathtub, bogeys and wheels of the rover. Servos drive each of the six wheels and panning from the base of the PanCam mast. The servos are all connected to a receiver so we can remote-control drive with skid steering and pan the PanCam unit to look around.

Most recently we completed work on the solar panels. They are hinged to demonstrate the deployment method: when they are folded for transport to Mars, the two rear panels on the ‘wings’ will be upwards-facing. This way, if there are any problems in deploying them, there will still be two panels that are uncovered ready to collect solar energy.

So far it’s been used for university teaching (having made a guest appearance in a Space Robotics lecture), outreach (having made a couple of guest appearances at Aber Robotics Club), and general malarkey

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02/12/16 Crafty Christmas Cards Circuits Workshop

Inspired by the discovery of conductive paint and a paper circuits workshop at EMF, we ran a workshop to make cards with LED circuits!

I had a bit of fun designing the logo for this one, and made a card featuring a reindeer who’s nose shines bright… The helpers had as much fun as the visitors in this festive, creative, glittery event.

Card circuit


The cards are made using copper tape, LEDs, and a coin cell battery to make a basic circuit.

Finish it off by taping the vertical side of the folded corner shut so that you can drop the battery in through the top to complete the circuit.

Photography Workshop at Coetan Arthur

Coetan Arthur is a fantastic dolmen situated in Cefnamlwch on the Llŷn Peninsula. Seren and I met up with Jamie from the Llŷn Archaeology and History Society to visit the site and help our volunteers get started photographing sites!

Seren gave a great introductory talk on the site, and then we all set about photographing the site together. The photographs taken at this workshop will be used in the digital photogrammetry workshop we will be running with Llŷn Archaeology and History Society on the 16th of July. If you’re interested in having a hands-on experience with processing some photogrammetry data, you can sign up for the workshop here!

Seren's Introduction

Photographing the Dolmen

Thanks to everyone who helped us to photograph it – many of the photographs are already up on the gallery!


This post was originally published on the HeritageTogether website.